Super Gas Chassis Specs

Chassis and body Chassis Engineering
Wheelbase 106 inches
Weight 2,300 lbs
Horsepower 770
Camshaft Crane Cams
Carburetor Demon
Intake Edelbrock
Headers Hedman
Header coating Jet Hot
Ignition MSD
Electronics K&R delay box
Mufflers Borla
Transmission BTE Powerglide
Converter BTE
Shifter Frame Works
Gauges AutoMeter
Rearend, axles, brakes Strange Engineering
Rearend gears Richmond, 4.10:1 & 4.56:1 (contingent on track)
Wheels Weld Racing front, Center Line rear
Tires Mickey Thompson 33x16.5x15 ET Drag
Parachute Chute Metal
Harness Impact
Oil Lucas

Regardless of your background, you're obviously at the school for a reason, whether it's to get familiar with drag racing firsthand, getting a refresher course, or for the opportunity to get feedback from the best. For those of you attempting to get your competition license, the thing to keep in mind is that the school is on a very strict schedule, meaning everyone will get the same number of passes. If you listen well, do everything as described, and show control of the vehicle, there's a good chance you will leave with the proper paperwork to obtain your license. However, simply attending the school is no guarantee you will get it. That said, if a certain run isn't signed off for whatever reason and you're adamant about getting licensed, then you'll appreciate that the school offers additional runs at the end of the session at a predetermined rate.

At the end of the two-day seminar, I managed to leave the school as a better driver-and earned my NHRA competition license. While there were so many things I learned in a relatively short time, I will say that regardless of your background, leave your previous driving history and attitude at the door. There's a lot to learn and you'll want to put all of your efforts into paying attention and absorbing everything being said. More importantly, I've always understood the inherent dangers that come with our sport, but the program taught me to treat driving in a well-versed and extremely disciplined manner. When I get behind the wheel now, I have a preset regimen I go through, eliminating any fear of forgetting something and allowing me to completely concentrate on the light and focus on driving. Don't take my word for it-add this to your bucket list. Seriously, if the opportunity arises to attend Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School, I highly recommend it!