What happens when worlds collide in the Street Legal Drag Racing segment? The answer is four days of utopia as over 500 cars attended the annual drag race at Route 66 Raceway; simply dubbed the Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing. The concept is to bring both "leagues" together, the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) and the Mustang/Ford group dubbed NMRA—like the Super Bowl brings the AFC and NFC leagues together for one champion. Both sanctioning bodies are operated by ProMedia, the group that is in charge of ground operations at the annual Chevy High Performance Nationals event, and they've been throwing this league championship event for eight years. We are sad to report that the Mustangs won, again, giving them an overall record of six Super Bowl victories to NMCA's two.

The concept is a simple one as both leagues are run separately all weekend—qualifying and elimination rounds. On Sunday, once the final rounds have finished the ProMedia officials then bring back all of the class winners and pair each up against a similar level in the other sanctioning body. There are some classes that don't directly crossover and to solve that problem, the heads-up cars run off an index but the caveat is that there is no breakout; a racer can run wide-open until the finish line. The index is derived from that racer's quickest ET of the weekend. This year the competition no less dramatic where the teams ended up with an equal amount of victories heading into the final pairing of the NMCA Pro Street category and the lightning NMRA Street Outlaw eliminator. NMCA lost to NMRA in that final round and since the Pro Street car was a Ford, we are going to blame him for the team loss.

All kidding aside, the rivalry is fun, but hanging in the balance is bonus prize money along with a prestigious Nitto Tire Diamond Tree ring. These are the same rings that are given to NMRA and NMCA national champions, as well as the winning "team" in the NMRA vs. NMCA grudge race. Here are some highlights from the wildest mid-summer shootout of the year.