Type: Chevrolet 400 small-block
Block: cast-iron, 4.155-inch bore, 3.75-inch stroke, 406ci
Oiling System: Milodon pan and pickup
Crankshaft: Scat 9000
Connecting Rods: Scat 4340 I-beam
Pistons: Keith Black Hypereutectic, 10.5:1 compression, Speed Pro rings
Cylinder Heads: Dart Pro 1, port matched and blended by Mike Birdsell, 2.05-inch intake, 1.60-inch exhaust valves
Camshaft: COMP Cams Xtreme Energy XE284H, 0.507/0.510-inch lift, 240/246-deg duration at 0.050-inch
Valvetrain: COMP Cams Pro Magnum rocker arms
Induction: Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap manifold, 750-cfm Mighty Demon carburetor, K&N air cleaner, ZEX Perimeter plate system set at 100hp
Ignition: Pertronix Flame Thrower
Exhaust: Patriot Circle Track
Cooling: C&R Aluminum radiator w/single electric fan, Proform Electric water pump
Engine built by: Mike Birdsell
Transmission: B&M Racing TH350 Transmission, B&M Nitrous Holeshot 3,000-stall converter, B&M trans cooler, B&M Pro Ratchet shifter
Rear Axle: narrowed 9-inch, 3.70:1 ring-and-pinion, Auburn posi
Front Suspension: '85 Camaro spindles with strut-style assembly, Koni shocks, Global West front lower control arms for '64 Chevelle, Eibach 10 x 3-inch coils (120-pound spring rate)
Rear Suspension: ladder-bar rear suspension, Strange Engineering shocks, Eibach 12 x 25 inch coils (150-pound spring rate) www.eibach.com
Other: custom Subframe connectors fabricated by Mike Birdsell
Steering: '67 Corvette gear
Brakes: '85 Camaro disc, front; 12-inch Ford truck drums, rear
Wheels: Weld Rodlite 15x6-inch front; 15x8-inch rear
Tires: Goodyear P205/60R15 front; P255/60R15,rear
Body: PPG Concept urethane '04 Dodge Viper Red, by Mike Birdsell
Interior: By Mike Birdsell with Covan's Classics instrument cluster, Stewart Warner gauges, Crow Enterprises belts, Grant steering wheel