Some things in life just couldn't be any more straightforward. We're not talking about the endless nights spent constructing your ultimate street machine, but rather the fact that when Paul Bartlett first came across this '71 Chevelle 15 years ago, he knew exactly what he had to do. At the ripe age of 19, he cracked open the piggy bank and shelled out the $350 asking price, setting off the chain of events to get the 'Velle where it is today.

Back then, the root beer-brown topcoat and vinyl top weren't of concern-it was more about brute performance for the young lad. With a bone-stock 350ci small-block resting in between the fenderwells, Paul immediately swapped the factory heads for a pair of fresh (used) Bow-Tie heads, an Erson cam, a new carb, and slicks to propel him and his newfound hobby across the traps at 12.99 at 102 mph. Eventually, he was able to whittle the e.t.'s down into the 12.20 range, but as luck would prevail, the already-beat relic decided to give up the ghost, necessitating a complete rebuild.

By this time, it already had a reputation for being one of the quickest street cars in the grudge-night community, but its lackluster exterior certainly didn't do much for eye appeal. To remedy this, Paul locked himself in the garage, freshened the small-block, added a "small" nitrous plate for added insurance, and proceeded to fog the 'Velle with a menacing black exterior. Suffice to say, from that day on it had the looks and the power to blast him down the tarmac at an incredible 10.74 at 128 mph.

Fast-forward to today. Paul's successfully ventured into his own fabrication shop, The Fast Guy in Oxnard, California, utilizing the 'Velle as a rolling testament to his work by competing in the Pacific Street Car Association's Limited Street class. Since then, the newly renovated ride includes a fresh look with a custom three-stage paint job and a 14-point cage, including a newfound mill built in-house and powered by a CSU-tuned blow-through Vortech YSI supercharger setup. Does it work? Considering he's already pushed the full-size A-body to a best of 9.32 at 146 mph, we'd say he's flat-out flying for a street car! Where will he go from here? Only time will tell, but until then, expect to see the 'Velle cruising the streets of Oxnard and reigning terror upon his fellow PSCA competitors.