Goin' All The Way
Brent Walker began this project by totally disassembling his '70 SS. The body was parted from the framerails, at which point the former was media-blasted and the latter was stripped to bare metal. Patch panels were installed in the normal Chevelle problem areas, specifically the lower quarters and the rear deck filler panel. The refreshed body received a coat of PPG Electron Blue metallic basecoat/clearcoat along with gloss black stripes. The Chevelle remodeling job was rounded out with a new black vinyl top by The Vinyl Stretcher of Gainesville, Georgia.

Extra Effort
There's more than one way to catch a Chevy High photographer's eye, but all things being equal, this method works pretty well.

Brent did some one-stop shopping for much of his Chevelle's suspension setup, choosing a Hotchkis TVS (Total Vehicle System) package, which includes front and rear springs and sway bars, along with adjustable upper and lower control arms for the back. On the other hand, Brent wanted the improved front caster characteristics provided by the popular B-body conversion; he picked up a set of taller Impala spindles, then sourced Global West for the appropriate upper control arms. Steering duties are handled by the car's stock power box and column.