A sleeper is for always. Save for the minimal fiberglass cowl hood, the Malibu's metal is untouched. Sandalwood dreams? I doubt it! Gee, let's watch the grass grow. On the other hand, what could be stealthier than this piece of cream cheese, huh, I ask you?

The new combo has not been certified. These numbers are for the 580ci combination: 760 lb-ft of torque at 6,535 and 980 hp at 7,000 rpm (780 rear-wheel).

Kevin weaved an eight-point rollcage throughout and painted it the same color as the body to camouflage it from the wandering eye. The form of the mini-tub rear suspension changed drastically. With no room left for coil springs or conventional shock absorbers, KT posted Strange double adjustable coilovers.

He located the 48-inch-wide axlehousing with a set of Dick Miller Heim-end control arms; the lower arms have a diagonal brace attached to the axle to void all lateral motion. A Wolf Racecraft (San Antonio, Texas) anti-sway bar pivots above the housing. At the Malibu's leading edge, TRZ tubular upper and lower control arms, Flaming River rack steering, and Strange double adjustable coilover shocks.