Chuck's 421 has never been on a dynamometer of any sort, so forget about instrumented absolutes for horsepower and torque. Suffice it to say that with the driver, the 3,450-pound race weight has pulled out a 10.42 at 128 mph on the motor.

The Nova has been more or less built on a budget, so its modifications have been calculated and critical. Red's Fabrication (Van Nuys, California) responded by welding in subframe connectors, issuing solid body mounts, installing a 12-point 'cage, and relocating the rear shock position for tire clearance as well as better launchcharacteristics. They rehung the 10-bolt with Calvert Racing monoleaf springs, Cal-Tracs bars, and QA1 single-adjustable shocks. Chuck kept the original spindles but made frontend movement quicker with the addition of Global West tubular upper and lower control arms, Trick coil springs stuck between them, and tempering the assembly with Lakewood 90/10 shock absorbers.

Some minor bodywork included a couple of new front fenders and a bit of dent squashing, but otherwise Chuck's ride was relatively straight and narrow. Fred Stegger applied the Acura Aqua Green to the body and painted the rally strips on the hood by hand in his Inglewood, California, garage.