Dropping in a hot new blower motor cured Mike's motor woes, but it didn't cure the "Hey, I know that car" blues. Despite the revised underhood workings, showgoers recognized the Nova from its past life as someone else's car, and that just wouldn't do. "I was frustrated with it not being my car," Mike declares. "I wanted to really take possession." At that point, it was on, and everything-save the '67's pristine Marina Blue paint job-was fair game. The interior, the rolling stock, the suspension and brakes; virtually nothing has been left untouched.

So there you have it. It's Mike's car-check it out.

Huff And Puff
Mike Dressler admits that he dug the looks of the Procharger blow-through system residing under his newly purchased Nova's hood, but looks aren't everything, so an almost entirely new, boost-ready motor was created. After Performance Machine of Pomona, California, handled the machine work and balancing, Wilson Racing Engines of nearby Rancho Cucamonga, California, assembled the new creation. A 0.030-over, four-bolt main 400 block was filled with an Eagle forged crank and 5.7-inch H-beam rods; CP flat-top forged pistons create an 8.5:1 compression ratio. A Comp hydraulic fat-tappet 'stick was picked to complement the power adder; it specs out at 0.550/0.560 inch lift, 250/250-degrees duration at 0.50, and a 112-degree LSA. Heavy-breathing AFR Race Ready 220cc heads, fitted with 2.02/1.64-inch valves, also run Comp Pro Magnum rocker arms (1.5 intake, 1.6 exhaust) and a Comp stud girdle. An Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake is topped with some sort of radical eye candy: The ATI Procharger P600B blow-through system, pulleyed for 12 pounds of boost, came with the car; ATI overhauled the compressor, and Rainbow Polishing (El Monte, California) endowed the entire system with a mirror shine. Ontario, California's Performance Carburetors cooked up one of its Stage II Blow-Thru 750-cfm Holleys to feed the beast, while a Product Engineering (Wilmington, California) high-volume fuel pump with a boost-referenced regulator keeps juice in the carb. The ignition system consists of an MSD 6AL box, a Pro Billet distributor, and a Boost Timing Master unit, set at 30 degrees total advance. Recoated Hooker fenderwell headers route the burnt junk past Doug's electric cutouts and into Flowmaster pipes and mufflers. A Be Cool aluminum radiator and an Edelbrock water pump flow the coolant; the slick fan shroud is custom by Imco Marine (San Dimas, California). From the "while I was at it" department: With the engine in progress, WRE's next-door neighbor, Wilson & Bell, concocted a stout manual valvebody Turbo 400. It spins a Hughes 10-inch converter with a 2,500 stall speed, sports a B&M electric transmission cooler, and is stirred by a Hurst Quarter Stick shifter. A Currie 9-inch rear with an Eaton posi turning 3.73:1 cogs was added as well. So what's it all good for? J&D Performance's Ontario, California-based Mustang chassis dyno says 605 hp at 6,500 rpm, along with 585 lb-ft at 6,100 rpm. A timeslip from Irwindale Speedway shows a 7.67-second, 98-mph eighth-mile, achieved despite an admittedly mild start.