Before he touched anything else, Bo had HR Race Car Products in Comer, Georgia, attack the frame and all it encompasses. HR stretched the factory wheeltubs 2 inches and notched the rear of the car to accept them. They hung a narrowed (10 inches) Fab 9 axlehousing with coilover shocks and located it with a four-link setup. A Flaming River rack steering works with 2-inch dropped spindles. When the HR crew installed the Heidt's frontend assembly, they introduced more favorable geometry to the system, chopped off ugly fat, and gave it lighter, more efficient components. No more wishing, hoping, or dragging feet.

This '60s Nova carries '73 Chevy 11-inch discs in front and GM 10-inch rotors in back, all of it neatly tucked behind 15-inch race wheels. The skinnies are 15x165 metrics on Weld 3.5-inch-wide forgings. Drive wheels roll out on P325/50R15 BFG g-Force tires and 10.5-inch-wide Weld Draglites.

Rollin' Relics in Madison got the interior assignment. This rendition includes Year One seat covers and door panels in the stock shade of turquoise. As a matter of fact, stock abounds here, right down to the AM squawkbox. Wiring is stock. The dashboard is stock. The Auto Meter Ultra-Lite gauges and the shoulder harness are not. Dig that skinny stock steering wheel.

The PPG two-stage Artesian Turquoise tends to lull the viewer into a false sense of security. There's no bling, no red to inflame, no flames to urge. It's charming and sedate-the only thing hinky is the Glasstec 4-inch cowl hood, and that sort of blends in anyway. Bowers Collision and Customs in Lawrenceville did the job. CHP