With the body off and heavily sedated, Micky Hale's crew at North Coast Rods drew out the frame, blasted it, smoothed it, and covered it with POR-15. All the other components were powdercoated and polished as necessary. The underside of the car is painted glossy as well. Didn't the 12-bolt housing follow right along, getting smoothed over and painted shiny? Certainly there would be more to this Chevelle's illustrious rebirth than hustling a straight line. Evasive maneuvers would be necessary, crucial. Occasionally slinging the ass end out goin' up the canyon, huh, pard? A necessary staple of the street runner's fantastic diet. To manage the stress, North Coast put Global West tubular upper and lower control arms front and rear, Coil Spring Specialties springs at all corners, and followed up with QA1 adjustable dampers. The springs bring the Chevelle's center of gravity 2 inches closer to the ground, the QAs cope with wheel movement, the Global West and Hotchkis front and rear bars keep the body level, and the fat tires move real fast under the Flaming River 12:1 steering.

Brakes & Wheels
Chevelles like Andy's have an abundance of room under their fenders, so it was no trick to fit Boze Fatal 18x8 and 18x10 hoops beneath them. Rubber for this bad dad is no-nonsense Nitto 555, 255/45 on the pointing end and a nice fat 295/45 onna ass end. Andy wanted plenty of braking power to counter the Rat's momentum, so he staged Wilwood six-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors on the stock spindles and hung four-piston, 13-inch plates at the back.