Test Flight
Bret: "I think the overriding theme of the Camaro is 'necessary improvement.' If something needed to be improved, it was upgraded to the required performance level-and then some. If an item did not need to be changed, it was left alone. I am pretty much over changing things just for the sake of changing them. I've built cars like that before ... that is why I don't any more. This thing is a driver. I drove it home in the rain from the Year One event [last May] at 80-plus. It drives like a new BMW-tight, fast, and smooth ... which is quite a feat for a small car. It ran the autocross at Year One a full three-tenths quicker than the same driver in an '08 Corvette and ran the Road Atlanta track at speeds over 125 mph. A little EFI tuning, a little transmission tuning, a little brake tuning, a little shock tuning, and this thing will be vicious!" Sounds like a name for a new project, Bret.

Landing Gear/Brakes
Special rollers for a special fighter: Three-piece CCW Classic rims are staged with 18x8 dimensions (5.75-inch backspace) and BFG 245/40ZR KDW skins. The back wheels are a bit hairier: 18x11 CCW rims (7.25-inch backspace) handling 335/30/ZR KDWs. The dudes don't shriek. The only sound they make is pulverizing tarmac into dust. Wilwood came up with 13-inch diameter rotors and six-piston calipers at front and 12-inch rotors and four-piston calipers (along with internal parking brakes) on da butt end.