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Red Red Wine
'67 Chevelle Convertible
Neal Reid
Denver, NC

Roaming the stalls at this season's Year One event, we couldn't help but notice Neal's vibrant red Chevelle ragtop. Neil had owned this Chevelle early on but unfortunately ended up having to sell it. It wasn't until years later that he had the opportunity to buy it back. He dropped in an all aluminum ZL-1 427 big-block with a Munci 'stick, a 12-bolt housing with a set of 3.55:1gears and a posi unit, 21/2 inch ceramic polished exhaust, and all-new Hotchkis suspension. For rollers, only Billet Specialties would do: 17x8s up front and 18x9s out back.

Passed-On Camino
'70 EL Camino
Michael R. Olsen
Tracy, CA

Great-looking, big-body El Caminos are a rare breed. This '70 had been passed down from his father to his brother and finally to Michael. He began with a simple ZZ383 short-block and added an Edelbrock 234/238 cam with 0.558 inch of lift, 1.52:1 rockers along with E-Tec 200cc heads, and an RPM air gap manifold. The Turbo 350 tranny was pulled in favor of an M-21 four-speed, and rearend gears were upgraded to 3.42:1. For handling, Hotchkis suspension pulls double duty, front to rear.

Yankin' Tire
'67 Camaro
Garret Albright
Ozark, MO

It started out as a roller and ended up a ripper. Garret turned his '67 Camaro into a streetable big-block SS clone diving well into 9-second territory. The 3,525-pound heavyweight sports an LS-7 block that's been punched to 468 inches. He added a GM steel crank, SRP 13:1 pistons, and AFR 305cc cylinder heads with a Crower 'stick spec'd at 0.738/0.738 duration and 269/267 lift at 0.050 inch. He built the Turbo 400 by hand. To keep the car hooking up, 10-inch M/T ET Drag wheels are wrapped with 30x9 Hoosier meats out back while 31/2 M/T ET Drag wheels with 28-inch-tall Hoosier rollers hang up front.

'70 Chevelle
Jay Hughes
Omaha, NB

Jay Hughes of Omaha has every right to be proud of his '70 Chevelle. It took him 21/2 years to complete, but through his project he learned to weld and to rebuild the transmission and rearend, and he even handled the bodywork! He even painted the car himself. 360 horses come by way of a mild small-block with Hooker headers into Flowmaster Super 44s. A four-speed with a Hurst shifter and a set of 3.73:1 Richmond gears with an Auburn posi rearend send him on his way.

Roll The Dice
'79 Monte Carlo
Jeremy & Melisa Albright
Chilton, WI

Jeremy took a risk when he decided not to sell his beloved '79 after a hailstorm ripped through town. Replacing panels and performing lots of bodywork proved to be well worth the effort. Powering the Monte is an 11:1-compression small-block that drinks 93-octane. Inside, the 400-inch mill features an Isky 234/238 hydraulic roller and lifters, a forged bottom end, and Brodix RR200 heads. The final word: It produces 780 hp and runs 11.59 at 113.8 mph in the quarter-mile.