The nicest part of buying a completed car is that its sheetmetal won't be of much concern, but anybody who's ever had a Nova knows that there isn't much room to hang a big tire on the back of it. To fit those wide weenies, Old Town Automobile applied minitubs and subtly stretched the fenderwell openings 2 inches. Somewhere up the road, the Nova got coats of Viper Red applied to the stone-stock sheetmetal. As we said, Ron thoroughly ministered to it according to lessons he learned at a Meguiar's seminar held in nearby Baltimore.

Wheels And Brakes
We all know the correct rim and tire package is essential to the overall scheme and stance. Ron mated P245/40ZR17 Fuzion ZRi rubber to 17x8 Billet Specialties Street Stars up front, and P255/35ZRs to 20x9.5s in back. Though we think he could use a bit more friction all around, for now he's doing with the stock Nova disc/drum arrangement.

Ron customized the otherwise-stock-looking black vinyl repro interior with a Covan's dash panel gripping Auto Meter Ultra-Lite II oil, water temp, fuel pressure, and boost gauges, and a speedometer and tachometer. Then Bubba's extended Ron's comfort quotient with an ididit tilt steering column topped with a factory steering wheel.

All cars handle better when the geometry is correct. To that end Ron had Old Town attach Heidt's tubular upper and lower control arms in conjunction with Heidt's 2-inch drop spindles. The rest of the setup relies on new but stock coil and leaf springs along with an original antisway bar. In any case the stance is near perfect.