Those ol' drag race guys aren't much for duded-up interiors. The stock ensemble does nicely, so long as it's clutter-free and sharp as a blade. To that end, Jason Foltz over in Thornville, Ohio, reupholstered the stock seats in GM Restoration vinyl, laid in a new dash pad, stocked up on Auto Meter instruments, and stuck a Grant Classic Nostalgia Series tiller wheel on the steering post. HVAC is your basic bow-though-no air conditioning. Aural gratification comes strictly from the 454, not that crazy one-speaker radio.

Though Jack's in bed with old iron, he knows it wouldn't brake or handle worth a crap. If he did nothing else, he would change out the antiquity for some modern chassis power, some muscle to enact active avoidance at the very least. PK Racecars in Pataskala, Ohio, applied a complete Chris Alston subframe and front suspension, including spindles, upper and lower control arms, rack steering, antisway bars, and VariShock coil overs. PK suspended the 12-bolt with more Chassisworks items. A four-link kit with an antisway bar locates the 12-bolt, and wheel movement is staunched by VariShocks with 130-lb/in springs. In this application, an antisway bar is last but certainly not least.

To be sure, the car Jack found at Goodguys was a solid candidate for resurrection, but there were enough wrinkles in the front fenders, hood, and deck lid to precipitate a change-out. Brad Schmitt at Hebron Auto Body (Hebron, Ohio) installed the new GM fenders and Goodmark tin, then bent to them. He stripped the car, sanded and blocked it, reassembled the collection, and painted it with Sikkens basecoat/clearcoat over the show-quality Torch Red.

Wheels & Brakes
While you could have the world's slickest piece, if the wheels are not sympathetic to the overall scheme and the stance isn't edgy, cohesiveness flies right out the window. Jack wins here. He wrapped Billet Specialties 17x7 and 18x9 SLC62 hoops with P205/40ZR17 BFG g-Force Sports and P295/35ZR18 BFG Drag Radials. The modern braking system consists of 13- and 12.19-inch Wilwoods with six- and four-piston calipers, respectively.