Wheels & Brakes
In keeping with the vintage Pro Street image, Brown had no other option. It would be the biggest meat he could hang in the wheelwells: American Track Star rims, 15x3.5 and 15x15, wrapped with 26x7.50-15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman rubber in front and Godzilla-large Hoosier 33x22.50-15 Quick Time Pros on the drive wheels. Since 15-inch hoops leave little room for formidable brakes, he was bound to Wilwood 12-inch discs at both ends of the car. Some people just can't get enough of this new Pro Street wheel/tire combination, including us.

To get those big Hoosiers situated, the wheelwells were stretched and tubbed. To solidify the Nova's of-a-piece silhouette, the door handles, locks, drip rails and windshield wiper vents were summarily eradicated. Tom Bodalski (Bodacious Paint Works) rubbed out the sheetmetal and applied the foot-deep platinum gray patina as well as the ghost flames.