Power Cell
Motivational sent the 454 to Contemporary Auto Machining in Huntington Beach, where master Yo applied his accumulated knowledge. Yo did all the requisite tampering and lightly punched the seasoned four-bolt main '70 block 0.030 inch, turning it into a 460. Back at Motivational, the Saikis jumped on the factory crank and put it up with dimpled connecting rods fitted with 7/16-inch bolts. On top of them are forged pistons that yield (along with the combustion chamber configuration) a compression ratio of 10:1. The Saikis had Isky cut them a custom profile furnishing 255 degrees of duration at 0.050 and a heady 0.715-inch lift. Then they put it together with a Cloyes double-roller timing set. At the bottom of the block they affixed a 6-quart Milodon pan and a Mellings oil pump.

The 049 cylinder heads went to Dr. J's Performance in Orange, California, for copious spiffing. The Doctor ported and polished and put 2.25-and 1.94-inch valves in the sparkling pockets, then completed the valvetrain with Isky springs, roller lifters, hardware, and 7/16-inch hardened pushrods. Thrashing on top of it all are 1.7:1 roller rockers. Meanwhile, Dr. J massaged the Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold for optimum flow, as well as the Holley 850-cfm carburetor tweaks.

To complete the setup, the carb was fitted with a 4-inch K&N filter. Hooker Super Comp headers with 2-inch primaries scavenge the cylinders and feed into a 3-inch mandrel-bend system fabbed by Motivational. For plenty o' spark, the MSD Digital 6 box and Pro-Billet distributor set a serious fire in the hole.

How'd she do? The 460 proofed at 562 lb-ft and 597 hp. Despite the subterfuge in the cockpit, a manual-shift Turbo 400 transmission prevails. Steve Sharp in nearby Torrance is responsible for the build, combining his expertise with an Edge 9-inch converter (4,200-stall). Motivational modified the B&M Quicksilver shifter using an original stick-shift lever (and dummy clutch pedal). Grunt passes down a steel driveshaft produced by Cook's Machine Works in Los Angeles. Cook's also narrowed the 12-bolt 1/2 inch on either side in preparation for the Tom's Differentials 33-spline axles, 1/2-inch wheels studs, and 4.10:1 gearing.

Sticking to the basics saved Pat some loot. He got his PPG Butternut Yellow, though. It was applied by Auto B Craft in Long Beach.

Wheels & Brakes
Being what it is, the SS needs only the stock (but rebuilt) disc/drum setup it came with. The skinnies are no-name 165/15s on 31/2-inch Weld Prostar wheels. Pat lays rubber with Prostars shod with 275/60R Hoosier DOT drag radials on 10-inch hoops.