Rims, Rubber & Brakes
Xtreme Street is one of those classes that promotes wider-than-normal rims (10 inches is the manufacturer's recommended maximum for the tires on the Camaro) that bulge the sidewall of the tire to maintain maximum contact patch, in this case 12-inch Weld Magnum 2.0 for the 30x10.5 slicks. Running point are the matching Magnums encased in DS-2 Moroso 20x4.5 skinnies. Strange four-piston race discs shadow all four corners of the Camaro.

Since Jamie has a business to run, he doesn't have the time to build his engines, but Tony Bischoff's BES Racing Engines is a mainstay in NMCA racing and has provided polarizing 10-wide bullets for many moons. BES builds lots of 525ci big-blocks, the maximum displacement allowed with a nitrous power adder and a race weight of 3,575 pounds. It bases the noise-maker on an iron Dart block which it amends with a Sonny Bryant stroker crank, GRP aluminum connecting rods, and Ross pistons. The dome configuration and the combustion chambers in the BES CNC-ported Edelbrock 24.5-degree Victor heads yield a compression ratio of 12:1. BES secured the bottom of the engine with a Moroso 7-quart sump. A Jesel timing belt provides the connection for the custom-grind 0.890/0.900-inch lift Comp cam that bumps Jesel 1.7 and 1.8:1 intake and exhaust rockers. Smith pushrods activate 2.30- and 1.90-inch intake/exhaust valves. The induction system begins at the MagnaFlow 500 fuel pump, thence to the 1,150-cfm Holley HP and Edelbrock 2927 Super Victor intake casting hosting a Wilson Nitrous Pro Flow single-stage fogger. MSD faithfully re-creates the coming of the sun. Partner Jake wrapped up the stainless steel 2.5-inch primary pipes and merged them with a 5-inch collector. The result is around 1,000 hp on the motor and 1,500-1,600 hp with the persuader at work. Managing this largesse falls to the two-speed automatic that Don Stanley prepped at TSI Racing Transmissions in Addison, Illinois. A custom chromoly propshaft connects it to the sheetmetal 9-inch housing that Jamie and Jake built. Ultimately, 4.10:1 gears turn a Strange spool and gun-drilled Moser 40-spline axles.

Jamie calls the application an "ice cream paintjob" and applied the House of Kolors gold and the accents in his own lair in Durhamville. Save for the long, lithe, sweeping 4.5-inch VFN fiberglass cowl hood, all the panels are metal. Jamie christened the tail end with a handmade downforce panel that smoothes out airflow.

The Pentagon Race Fab 25.5-cert rollcage offers protection as well as torsional stiffness and overall structural stability, the crux of all vehicle dynamics. A tubular chassis is prohibited but suspension choice is up to the builder. Jamie and Jake installed a Flaming River rack-and-pinion setup and went adjustable with Strange spindles and struts and included Hypercoil springs. In the back, they built a time-honored four-link supported by Strange coilovers with 130 lb/in springs. Jake topped off the mechanicals with drag race-oriented antisway bar.

Stock décor abounds here, as per rules, but as applied to Kirkey seats. Jake wired the carcass for the essentials, including Auto Meter instruments, and added a Grant Pro Stock steering wheel. A B&M shifter awaits. A G-Force safety harness keeps the driver in place and is secured from the 'cage that Jake built.