In factory livery, the 20-inch wheels are 8 and 9 inches wide. To our mind they put more unsprung weight on the car than anyone needs, but since they're a market-driven item, they cannot be denied. Berger kept the tall dimension but widened the hoops to 9.5 and 10.5 inches and lopped off a little bit of weight via the manufacturer. Forgeline SO3S modular rims hold Pirelli P Zero rubber with 275/40 and 305/35 aspect ratios. By minding the offset, Berger was able to fit the larger back rubber without sweat or hammer work (some guys run 315s).

Camaro "by Berger" purists will delight in the traditional paint scheme and appliqué: custom Rally stripes, blacked-out tailpanel and inner grille area, SS fender badges, retro front and rear Bow Tie emblems, numbered dash plaque, and Prescribed Power emblems as well. Berger cars have always included snarling chambered exhaust, in this case a cat-back system that blurbles warmly at idle but gets downright bloodthirsty when you rap the throttle or are flashing down the interstate at a buck-forty trying to outrun the (imaginary) cops.

What's this kind of fun funnel from your kid's college fund or the pile you were saving for retirement? Make your best deal on an SS and then pony up another $19 large for the bragging rights. Better hurry, though. Matt said he was only going to build 20 '10 hellions and that order was nearly complete as of last September.

Berger Chevrolet
2525 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids
MI  49512