"Once the 540 went in, the chassis became immediate junk," quipped Tony. He took his case to Gebhardt Pro Cars in Jacksonville, Illinois. Gebhardt fabbed him a 9-inch housing, appropriately narrowed to accommodate BIG tires, and put it up in the car with a four-link and wishbone setup. Pro Cars cinched motor to chassis with a plate, slipped in Herb Adams solid body mounts, and controlled body movement and centered the axlehousing with an antisway bar setup. The four-link brackets are heavy duty and have lots of adjustment holes for lots of setup options. Adjustable Koni and Afco shocks, front and rear, get the attitude right for either track or street. For that critical link between rubber and road, Mike Schaar installed rack steering tailored by Kim Smith.

Wheels & Brakes
That would include lightweight, drag race-sized Wilwood and Aerospace Components discs, front and rear, respectively. Wheels at the leading edge are 15x4 Weld Pro Stars hugged by Moroso 7.10 Drag Specials. Regardless of the situation, the Camaro turns mammoth 15x15 Pro Stars; the road rubber is ET Streets, measuring 33x18.5. When he's not running a 10-wide event, the usual race combination is those 15-inch wide Pro Stars wrapped in M/T 32x14.5 ET Drag slicks.

Remember, this is a street car, not a racer. For the most part, the interior is intact but amended in areas critical to occupant well-being as well as for ease of maintenance. The 12-point 'cage also acts as the pick-up point for the safety harnesses that contrast nicely with the JAZ seats. Tony rewired the hog with a complete Painless loom and painstakingly inserted the Auto Meter gauges in the original dash. The rear "seats" were replaced with brackets for the nitrous bottles, sometimes in place, sometimes not. Tony removed the air conditioning to make the car lighter.