Mark took the body off, put it on a spit, and focused attention from the ground up. He welded all the seams on the factory frame, boxed it where needed, and kicked in the rear section 3 inches per side to fit the fat rolling stock he'd be putting in it. He ground all the seams and smoothed them in anticipation of the narrowed (11/2 inches per side) Moser 12-bolt. From the front, he began with Savitske Classic & Custom (Coopersburg, Pennsylvania) adjustable upper control arms and tall ball joints. He also inserted Edelbrock shocks and springs between the custom upper and the refurbished original lower control arms, again fitted with long ball joints. To lasso body motion, he picked a 11/4-inch splined Speedway Engineering anti-sway bar with end levers bent at a custom angle. Ride Tech Posi-Link ends complete that picture. At the back, Mark used Edelbrock upper and lower control arms (uppers adjustable for pinion angle), sandwiching Edelbrock coils and shocks between them. There is no rear anti-roll bar. For another NASCAR taste, Mark included a tight-ratio (12:1) Lee Manufacturing 670 steering box and paired it with a KCR aluminum power steering pump. To clear the exhaust system and give the car some added torsional stiffness, he made the transmission crossmember from heavy-duty stock.

Before any of the soft stuff grew inside the car, the brothers removed some non-essentials like the factory dashpad, climate control levers, the radio, and various switches. They also replaced the factory gauge panel with a custom rendition housing Stewart-Warner gauges. They put the Vintage Air Gen II controls and vents, and ignition, wipers and light switches underneath the dashboard in a separate panel to keep the space as uncluttered as possible. An EZ-Wire mini 20 harness put all the spaghetti where it should be. There's a CD player in the glovebox. Hushmat hugs the floor. They put SoffSeal weatherstripping around all the body openings and screwed on a MOMO Retro steering wheel. They put the front seat back 3 inches and whisked the '66 to the upholstery shop, a few miles down I-70 to Wentzville. Allen and Agnes run the joint, and from the other renditions that their sons built, they knew The Smoke had to be spot on. Vintage look was the theme. And so it was. Leather and Ultraleather were used throughout, and lots of it. Check out that way-cool bench seat, baby. Check out those door panels. Check out that Ultraleather bow-style headliner. Let's check out the keys and go spin the tires!

Wheels & Brakes
As the car was built with a Pro Touring attitude, the brakes and rolling stock are wonderfully outsized. Polished Schott Velocity wheels are 19x8 and 20x12 wrapped with 245/35 and 335/30 Michelins. The 14-inch front and 13-inch rear discs are from a ZO6 Corvette and commanded by Wilwood masters and corresponding pedal kit.