'55 nomad
Frank Spadaro
Ballston Lake, NY

Local Heroes Redux
"I've owned this special Chevy since 1980," said Spadaro. "After spending many, many years in chunks and piles as a 'work in progress,' it was finished in 2005." While the engine internals were machined locally, Frank did his own assembly work on the 406 little-block using materials from Crower, Brodix, Weiand, Holley, et al. To accept the power influx, Frank prepped the chassis with new bushings and bolts. He hung a Currie 9+ on the powdercoated frame and connected it with a Richmond six-speed (overdrive) transmission. We don't know who to credit for the paint and bodywork but the results fairly jump off the page-nostalgia going wild here, folks. A PPG Hot Hues Winter Mint Green and Base White illuminate upstate NY (just north of Albany). No bluff anywhere to be found, the car was massaged and fawned over on a rotisserie, and the rare and coveted Chevy landed on the tarmac with American Torq-Thrust 17-inchers and Yokohama rubber. According to Frank, the car has taken many awards and was a Classic Chevy 995-pointer. He says "it rides stiff, but runs 70 mph at 2,000 rpm."

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