'66 Nova
Tim Callahan
Murrieta, CA

Little Duece Coupe
Tim got the itch, got on Craig's List, and began to scratch with a vengeance. No telling what the Nova looked like when he took possession but according to Tim, he reduced the body to a shell and rubbed the metal naked. While it could be the beginning of a Pro Touring art form, we think that the project might have gotten out of hand early on. He fortified his Deuce with a TCI tubular front clip and coilover shocks, subframe connectors, and a Currie 9 hung with four-link rear suspension and propped by another pair of coilovers. The entire undercarriage was powdercoated. In the engine compartment, a brand-new LS3 cranks out 525 hp. Tim didn't discuss the type of transmission in the Nova, but it does have a safety loop and an aluminum driveshaft. He put big Wilwood discs at each corner, ran stainless mufflers, and a stainless steel fuel cell (filler behind license plate). That intriguing two-tone overcoat is '03 Chevrolet Anniversary Red and '08 Champagne Beige, set off quite nicely by flashy Foose wheels.

'66 El Camino
Tracy Thomas
Unknown, MO

Road warrior
Bet you that somewhere on this piece is a "Lil' Devil" tattoo, right? This half-truck seems to have a mind of its own, too. No badges, very little chrome, tough DP-40 primer instead of some lustrous lounge lizard $200-per-gallon paint, door handles fell off, and dig that old timey hot rod mirror hangin' off the driprail. Tracy Thomas' Elky has definitely got a rat rod vibe going on. But this Camino ain't no sweetheart. You can tell by the top of the air cleaner that's trying to get all the way out of the engine compartment. Not much in the way of creature comforts, either, so we suspect that this primered predator might be a frequent attendee of the Midnight Drags. It's built like a drag racer, beginning with its 406 small-block that runs Edelbrock E-Tec 200 cylinder heads, a Comp hydraulic roller, MSD spark-making equipment, and a Quick Fuel-prepped 750 carburetor. Tracy backed it all up with a Super T-10 four-speed, Centerforce clutch, and a 9-inch with a Detroit Locker differential and 3.55:1 cogs. Tracy's mighty Camino looks the part with Weld Rodlite alloys and BFG rollers.