'69 Nova
Daniel Washington, Jr.
Shady Side, MD

Six To Eight
According to Daniel, this Nova was originally saddled with a six-cylinder engine and three-on-the-tree. Cool thing about all this is that Dan processed the whole wad in his home garage, with some big-time assistance from his brother. A cat named Tim Douglas crafted the 383 stroker motor. Since repeatability looms large in the heads of most racers, and even though he isn't that dedicated, Daniel had to have to have a Turbo 400 transmission fitted with a reverse valvebody. Torque hits the 3.73s heavy so the car's been mini-tubbed to accept 29x11.5 tires. When Dan felt that the picture was nearly complete, he called on brother Ronald for the bodywork and the paint.

'69 Chevelle
Gary Carmack
Orlando, FL

Now This Is Really Cool
Though most car crazies seem intent only on the drivetrain, others do appreciate an amenity or two. So when the ambient temp and humidity index hit redline, you'd better have air conditioning. Remember, an alert, undistracted driver will be a safer driver, too. Orlando, a city built on top of a swamp, gets like that a lot. Air density changes with altitude, we all know that. Orlando is actually 35 feet above sea level, but when heat and humidity reign, it's like you're trying to make power at 1,500 feet or more. Gary Carmack knows how to fight this disease. Rather than tossing his Chevelle's heavy, obsolete A/C system, he rebuilt it for his own protection. Carmack claims his 350 has forged dished pistons and shaved cylinder heads to bring the compression ratio to 10:1. That's probably not optimum for a supercharged application with a ton of boost, but plenty good (read safe) if positive manifold pressure remains below 8 psi. A chassis dynamometer indicated 425 wheel horsepower. So that there would be no mistake, Gary put fuel pressure, amps, and boost gauges on the hood. To bring out the best of his combination, Carmack went for a five-speed manual and a hydraulic clutch release from Keisler Engineering. Flip on the air, dance on the pedals, and ...