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'68 Camaro John Logan
Cabot, PA

Angel Face
Logan's first-gen looks a little too angelic, a little too sweet, too stock, too something to be trusted. Certainly not a proponent of any recent styling movement or functional phenomenon, the Camaro appears much like it would have 40 years ago-15-inch steelies, trim rings, a slightly jacked up attitude, skinny tires, and a pristine, glistening body that is difficult to deny. In a universe of possible modifications (what hasn't been done to a first-gen?), Logan strove to retain an original appearance. And while a nice, clean envelope is always preferred, some people get it in their minds that that is enough. Years ago, it probably would have been. Does the motor rumble? Does Logan like to tussle at the Midnight Drags? Has he got one slick in the trunk and another in the back seat? Under the Camaro's buttoned-up, Bow Tie disguise, the 350 block got a 0.030-inch poke, an Edelbrock camshaft, and a pair of Edelbrock carburetors. Those old reliable Hedman Hedders suck out the poison while the power is transferred from a Turbo 350 to a 10-bolt.

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