'75 nova
Todd Dykun
Wellandport, Ontario, Canada

Me An' The Boyz
"I've owned this Nova for 26 years. When we began our family, I did the noble thing and put the car away-for 16 years." He finally unearthed it for a project he wanted to do with his two boys. They took the thing apart, stripping it down to the subframe, sandblasting it, and replacing all bushings and lines. "I've had a subscription to CHP for several years and have used many of your ideas from the articles to build my 383." The engine agenda posed a seasoned 383 that they spruced up with a forged Eagle bottom end, a 9.5:1 compression ratio, a Comp cam, Crane roller rockers, and ported and polished double-hump heads with 2.02 intake valves. Up top, a Holley intake manifold, 750 double-pumper, K&N air filter, Black Jack headers, Pypes X-pipe, and crackly Flowmasters. A nutso drivetrain wasn't necessary so Dykun revamped a Turbo 350, stuck a 3,000-stall converter in front of it, and sent the grunt to 10-bolt limited-slip with 3.73:1 gears. He wisely invested in Calvert Racing bars and springs. The round, black Mickey Thompson stuff spins on Weld Zero drag wheels. Real nice job!

'71 Corvette
Ken Schuetz
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Carpet Ride-With A Bullet
It was originally a 350 with a Turbo 400 and 3.08:1 gears. After removing three coats of white enamel using only sandpaper, Schuetz pulled the body and had it sprayed with '04 Chevrolet Dark Spiral Gray and clearcoat. The frame was blasted and painted semi-gloss black. Then the fun began. Ken replaced the 350 with a Mitchell Hardcore aluminum block bored to 4.125 inches and an Eagle forged crank with a 4.00-inch stroke. Eagle 6-inch H-beams run Clevite 77 inserts and capture Mahle forgings circled by Total Seal gapless rings. GMPP Fast Burn heads create a 10.3:1 compression ratio. A Comp Cams hydraulic roller features 0.536/0.544-inch lift with 224/230 duration and a 110-degree lobe separation. Crane rollers actuate the valves via Comp 1.6:1 roller rockers. Fuel is delivered through an Edelbrock Sequential EFI system and the bad air exits through coated Hooker headers and a mandrel-bent 2.5-inch system. A Be Cool aluminum radiator and dual puller fans keep it temperate. Using parts from Keisler Engineering, he swapped in a TK600 five-speed. He changed out the steel transverse spring for a fiberglass upgrade and added an anti-sway bar. The interior has new leather seat covers and fresh carpeting. Schuetz: "I am very happy because the engine will pull 1,500 rpm cleanly in Fifth and it returns almost 22 mpg at 70 mph."