'99 Camaro SS
Mark Schmidt
Port Arthur, TX

Black Meanie
The engine makes 420 hp at the tires and has smoked tarmac in 11.49 at 117. In March 2010, it ran 161 mph in the Texas Mile. From the top down, the engine employs a Motorsports Technologies clear lid, Accel Kool Blue filter, Granatelli MAF, MTI smooth bellows, a FAST 78mm throttle body on a FAST intake manifold, TEA Stage 1.5 862 (5.3L) cylinder heads milled to 61 cc, and an MTI C1 camshaft (224/224 degrees duration, 0.561/0.561-inch lift and a 114-degree lobe separation). Taylor primary leads sprout from the stock coil packs; MTI also fit a Katech belt tensioner, ASP underdrive pulley, and FLP long-tube headers that dump into a GMMG chambered exhaust. Century Automotive in Rosenberg, Texas, built the 4L60E with a B&M Level 5 shift kit and a Precision Industries Vigilante 3,600-stall converter. An LE1 driveshaft leads to a Moser 12-bolt packing Richmond 3.73:1 gears. For autocross venues, Mark cinched stuff down with a BMR shock tower brace, rear control arms and lowering brackets, an adjustable Panhard bar, torque arm, and subframe connectors. Adjunct to these changes, Mark went with QA1 adjustable shocks, 2-inch drop springs, Corvette front calipers, Baer Eradispeed rotors and polished C6 Z06 rims, 18x9.5 and 18x11 with 275/35 and 295 /35 Michelin PS2 tires.