There is something to be said for a car owner who, because of financial situation, work ethic, pride of ownership, and a very understanding spouse, decides to mull through as much of the build process as possible by themselves. Hopefully, there's an old hand, a mentor down the street or across town who took the very same path when he was coming up, and is likely still hard at it, dispensing knowledge and invaluable experience to a worthy young builder. You are doers, not check writers or credit card benders. You are workers, not hangers on. You are the crew behind the cast. You are the core of CHP. -Henry D

'06 Z06 Corvette
Scott Harle
Naples, FL

No doubt about it, the LS engine is wonderful place of departure, capable of outrageous output and longevity with conservative bolt-ons, mostly stock internals, including cast pistons, powdered con rods, and nodular iron crankshaft. "I've had this car for two years," said the Naples lad. "It's an insanely capable machine, my first 'modern' muscle car and I'm loving it! I've recently gotten into top speed events, particularly standing mile races. What a rush! Though my best timed speed to date has been 186, I have seen 195 mph. I stayed in it a little past the mile marker." That's what 573 hp and 511 lb-ft at the wheels will get you. Jeremy Formato did the tuning. The factory rates the LS7 at a fallacious 505 hp, but it is generally agreed that 540 seems closer to the actual. Scott upped the camshaft specs to GMPP Stage III that he paired with Comp Cams pushrods and Patriot Performance gold valvesprings. The entire package responded well with a ported FAST LSXr intake manifold, a ported Nick Williams 102mm throttle body, and a VaraRam cold-air induction system. To complement, Kook's long-tube stainless headers blow through factory muffs. An ACT dual-disc clutch mediates torque and Scott manipulates an MGW short-throw shifter. DRM custom-valved Bilstein shocks temper the movement of big rolling stock: Breed Atom 10 19x10.5 and 20x12.5 rims couched in 285/35 and 345/25 Nitto Invo rubber.

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