Cruising the boulevard doesn't have the same meaning it did back in the '50s. In the past, any vehicle would do just as long as it got you and your letterman's jacket to the burger joint to meet up with your friends. While that still may be true in some areas today, many cruise spots seem more like a car auction, where some onlookers can't help but pick out every scratch and misplaced bolt they find.

For Tri-Five Chevys, the bar has been set extremely high. These vehicles are not only prized classics, but also considered to be high-end street machines. To make an impression with the cruising crowd, any classic Tri-Five needs to have a flawless appearance or a killer engine combination to gain any notoriety from the crowd at all.

But this kind of pressure didn't deter Caden Khalili of Fullerton, California, from building his prized possession. In fact, he wasn't going to be satisfied with simply owning a pristine '57 Chevy that would end up as just another boring, restored museum piece. He wanted to keep the car's original appearance, but add some unique street rod style amenities that would cause a stir and be the center of attention no matter what cruise spot he pulled into.

Once Khalili had his vision, he put his plan into action. From the outside, the car appears to be as flawless as an original '57 Chevy Bel Air could hope to be. From the bright red hue to every piece of polished stainless, the car is highly detailed and finished to perfection. And for most casual bystanders the Intro wheels and disc brakes only give a hint as to what's really under this '57's classic exterior.