Though he dragged it out of Texas, George didn’t get a dry-climate cherry. To make it whole again, the carcass needed a few small items: quarter-panels, floorpan, trunk pan, and work to the seams and the backlight surround—all the usual patch portions. Once all that was in place, StarSide Design in Riverside rubbed the Chevelle’s shoulders and flanks for about a month. Then, they sprayed the ’02 Caddy CTS Blue Onyx basecoat and sealed it with four coats of clear. Dry to the touch, George was helped by Joel at JH Restorations in Riverside with the installation of the body on the chassis. Then, Joel put up the new glass and headliner. CHP

Rollers & Brakes

Since he runs 15-inch wheels, George was limited to the largest brake/caliper combination that will fit beneath them. With the two-piston calipers attached, the 12-inch Master Power discs do not interfere with the rims. The rear discs are a Currie standby: cross-drilled and chamfered 11-inch Explorer. George wisely put a Hydro Boost unit behind the MP master cylinder. The rims are steel 15x7 and 15x8 Wheel Vintiques rallies, showing 215/60 BFG T/A radials up front and 275/60s on the end that twirls. While we lean more toward the efficacy of a lower aspect ratio on a larger diameter rim, George’s combo looks bitchin and altogether down with the lowered A-body. We like it. By taking the low road, George saved a bunch of money, too.