The interior reflects DSE’s standards and its philosophy: all controls readily at hand and maximum driver comfort, a form that can be driven hundreds of miles to the track, and the driver is still fresh after that trip and ready to roll all hell out on the track a few minutes later. To Kyle that means a climate-controlled environment (Vintage Air Sure-Fit), specific tactile qualities, the sublime comfort and utility of the ultimate Recaro seats, and instant information feedback. Chuck Hannah in Mooresville, North Carolina, applied his mastery of surface preparation (in this case it is vinyl) on the seats and the remainder of the interior. Kyle (or Stacy) hawks the Race-Pak digital instrument cluster and DSE analog instrument cluster, lightly grips the Budnik GTO steering wheel, and confidently cuts the Hurst shifter through its range. To crisp up the interior vision, DSE modified the upperdash panel so that it would tuck the front edge of the dashpad into the steel dashboard. The tracks for the seats were also set into lower-than-normal location. There is no audio as such, save for the powerful lungs of the storm trooper 427.