The interior must be as mature and developed as the mechanicals. In its first incarnation, D&Z applied Cerullo SC seats. Ace Upholstery in West Bend, Indiana, fitted them in leather and repeated the treatment on the bench. All the Stewart-Warner Maximum Performance dials and ancillary switches were logically arranged in a frugal but elegant Rocky Mountain Dashes panel, and offset by Vintage Air Gen IV air ducts. Speartech Engineering in Anderson, Indiana, provided the wiring harness and the engine controller. The Limited Edition quick-release steering wheel is from NRG Innovations in City of Industry, California. While wheeling the 24-mpg Chevelle down the interstate, the Jacobses synchronize souls with an Alpine head unit, Focal front speakers (in custom kick panels) and two 10-inch Focal subwoofers driven by an Audio Art 340-watt amplifier. They are strapped by Corbeau harnesses and belts and have immediate access to the custom center console and its array of control switches and aluminum cupholders. Programmable fobs provide exterior control of the windows, door locks, and remote security system.


In the search for a well-balanced machine and a chassis that could use every bit of torque and horsepower that the engine produced, D&Z obtained an LS7 (one of 30 or so) originally built by the GM Race Group for a project that was later aborted. Modifications were scant but pertinent. The cast pistons were replaced with Mahle 11.0:1 forgings and the cylinder heads are still completely stock. A Finish Line Performance/COMP Cams hydraulic roller (0.635/0.660-inch lift, 231/243 degrees duration) bumps LS7 pushrods, COMP springs (retainers, seals, and valve locks), and OE rocker arms tweaked by Wegner Performance. Factory LS7 injectors and mass air sensor are preceded by a 90mm throttle body hooked to custom air intake tube. Fuel comes from a custom Rick’s stainless cell and submersed 255-gph Walbro pump. Cooling is provided by a big Be Cool core and fan assembly. Standard LS7 coil packs fire the mix. Integrity of the oiling system is founded on a Peterson Fluid Systems 9-quart tank and the original Corvette bat-wing sump. Contaminants are voided through Dynatech stainless headers to Borla XR1 race muffs and a 3-inch diameter stainless Roadster Shop to-the-bumper exhaust tract. Rear-wheel output is a tidy 467 lb-ft at 5,122 rpm and 514 hp at 6,393 rpm. The drivetrain was a bolt-up: LS7 clutch assembly, modified Rockland gear Son of Tranzilla T56 (2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, 0.74, and 0.50:1) manipulated by a Pro 5.0 shifter, Coleman aluminum driveshaft, aluminum 9-inch Ford centersection with a high-zoot Wavetrac differential and 4.11:1 gears.

Wheels & Brakes

Rather than falling for the usual multi-bolt modular indigenous to prime Pro Touring examples, Chris envisioned something different: spoked Weld RT-S 74s, 18x9.5 in front and 18x12 wides in the back that are complemented by de rigueur Michelin PS-2 tires in 275/35 and 335/30 configurations. Energy burners are Wilwood six-piston Superlite 13-inch and four-piston 13-inch, respectively.