As of press time the COPO concept proposes three transmission choices—two-speed Powerglide, three-speed automatic of unknown origins, or a five-speed manual. The concept car that we drooled over was equipped with 29x9 racing radials in the rear and 28x4.5 front runners. A manual steering setup was added due to the car’s drag race–only status. Four Strange Engineering lightweight disc brakes will bring the modern Camaro to a stop from its high-speed jaunts.

Final Say

A minimum of 50 vehicles have been produced in order to qualify it for NHRA competition. The limited production will certainly make these cars a rarity but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own version. NHRA does allow clone cars to compete and the components will fit 2010-to-present Camaros. The trickle-down effect of the COPO-spec parts will undoubtedly help the street market step up its game too. The affects of COPO will be seen far and wide—if Chevy hits the go button.

Meyer concludes, “The core team at Chevrolet Performance is very excited about the possibility of this product coming to market. It represents the pinnacle of performance for the Camaro, and we know that our customers will get a lot of enjoyment out of representing Chevrolet against the best teams that currently run in NHRA Stock Eliminator. We do feel that the concept COPO Camaro that was shown at SEMA could live up to the legacy of the COPO Camaros of the past. With the support of our loyal fans, we look forward to hopefully bringing the COPO Camaro back to a dragstrip near you.” CHP

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