’68 Camaro

Joe Sharrer
Findlay, Ohio

’69 Camaro

Jeff Sharrer
Findlay, Ohio

’68 Camaro RS

Jacquie Sharrer
Findlay, Ohio

The Sharrer family has a serious passion for first-gen Camaros. Dad Sharrer also owns a 10-second third-gen that he races. His son, who was an import fan, promptly switched to Chevy muscle after his first ride down the tarmac and couldn’t be prouder. He also said, “For those other dads, do not give up. There is still hope to convert your kids!” The trio has also won awards during their initial car show outing, and that was out of a group of 300-plus cars. Dad owns the pearl white ’68 that’s powered by a big-block with an automatic. His son’s ride is the Candy Red ’69, which also has a big-block with an automatic combo. Mom owns the ’68 RS that sports a big-block with a four-speed!