Engine & Drivetrain

You want an automatic intimidation factor in a normal aspiration motor? Build a big-block. You want to see sheer terror? Build a big big-block and put the icing on it with a Dart aluminum cylinder case. RP sent the hard parts to Astro Machine in Weston, Ontario, for the rudimentary alterations and then RP built the house with premium brands—Callies Magnum XL Ultra Light crankshaft, 6.385-inch Oliver connecting rods, 11.25:1 JE pistons/pins, and Total Seal ring packs. They fixed the bottom end with a Melling pump reworked and custom pickup to accommodate the elaborate aluminum Stef’s six-trap road race pan. A Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing chain joins the Callies forging with the custom-ground hydraulic camshaft (0.680/0.681 lift, 270/280 duration, 112-degree LS). Pursuant, the 100 percent CNC-milled, port-matched Brodix BB-2 cylinder heads maintain 119cc combustion chambers, 2.25/1.90 valves (0.100-inch longer than stock), 1.650-inch K-Motion valvesprings and COMP retainers and locks. Stout COMP 0.080-wall pushrods poke Jesel 1.8:1 shaft rockers. The feeder is a Holley 1,000hp carburetor on top of a Brodix HV 2000 intake manifold. On top of the feeder is an L88 air cleaner. Ignition is generated by the trusty MSD 6AL box, Pro Billet distributor, HVC coil, and 8.8mm MSD primary wiring. To deal with the smut-laden by-product, a local artisan known as Louch built primary pipes that step from 2 inches to 21/8 inches and then merge with 31/2-inch collectors. Since they refused to compromise the Camaro’s sublime and low-down stance, RP assembled the exhaust system proper with space-saving 31/2-inch Spin Tech ovals and mufflers from Ram Air Restorations. At the wheels, this combination racked a hefty 680 hp and 650 lb-ft of grunt. RP dressed the motor out with a Vintage Air Front Runner system and March pulleys. Output processing begins at the 14-inch aluminum flywheel and McLeod Racing dual-disc clutch assembly beneath the Quick Time bellhousing. A reworked Keisler TKO 600 five-speed feeds torque to the 3.5-inch diameter Dynotech Engineering Services aluminum driveshaft and the Moser 12-bolt holds an Eaton limited-slip differential and 3.42:1 gears.


Mostly stock here but with some meaningful and noticeable additions. RP hopped up the visuals with a custom instrument bezel, covered it with bird’s eye maple veneer, and loaded the custom Auto Meter gauge cluster. Considering the earthquake engine, the Kenwood stereo provides minimal distraction. T&M Interiors in Toronto broke out the leather and suede and stitched up the modified Audi A4 buckets.


Aside from the fat rear fender modification and the 3-inch cowl hood, the body is absolutely original. Further, the inner fenders are Anvil Auto carbon-fiber replicas (which may have been added after these images were taken). The exterior was refinished at Paint by Pabblo in Woodbridge, Ontario, Sherwin-Williams (GM Code 11) Antique White and corresponding black accents.


Though the Camaro retains the original subframe, the rest of the mechanicals are sympathetic to the cause. The whole is made more rigid with custom frame connectors and a driveshaft loop. Hotchkis leaves drop the rearend 2 inches and are tempered by RideTech coilovers. Competition Products Slide-A-Link bars locate the axle and diminish wheelhop. Body roll is checked by a hollow 7/8-inch diameter Hotchkis bar. On point, a hollow Hotchkis 13/8-inch diameter bar, RideTech coilovers, modified Chevrolet Performance spindles, and a quick-ratio ’79 Trans Am steering box.

Wheels & Brakes

The GA3R Forgeline hoops look massive if not downright surly. They measure 18x10 and 18x12 and are sealed with 275/35 and 315/30 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tarmac erasers. Inside those dusky barrels you can just make out the Wilwood six-piston calipers hugging 13-inch diameter rotors.