’72 Nova

Peter Saletta
Melbourne, Australia

Peter Saletta first took possession of his ‘72 Nova over 20 years ago from a USAF captain, who shipped the car to Australia while he was stationed here. Since then he’s swapped out the original small-block 307 with a big-block 396, then again to a 454, which ran as quick as 10.85 at 125 mph through mufflers and on pump gas. Saletta didn’t stop there and is currently in the process of transplanting a fuel-injected Shafiroff 582. Transferring the power is Powerglide with a 3,200-stall converter. Out back is a Strange 9-inch rearend with 3.89:1 gears and 33-spline axles. The interior is stock, with the exception of a rollcage with Auto Meter gauges to keep the vitals in check. The exterior shine is Quasar Blue that was painted 15 years ago.