Paint & Body

Bryan practically grew up in a body shop, and he would prefer to never sand or prep a car again if he didn’t have to. Bryan replaced both fenders and doors as the originals weren’t worth the time they would need. The body went down to Dad’s old shop, M&S Body Shop in Santa Monica, California, for the final stages. They sprayed a bright coat of Glasurit Indian Red, and it was more intense than Bryan ever imagined. All the trim and little bits also received a fresh polishing, including the bumpers.


Bryan spent most of his time in the interior so there was no skimping around here. The bench seats were re-covered in a factory-style vinyl by Route 66 Upholstery in Petaluma, California, but that’s where the factory look stops. The door handles, window cranks, and pedals are all billet aluminum from Clayton Machine Works. The dashboard features Auto Meter ProComp gauges that are fitted into a Thunder Road dash. The steering wheel blends perfectly with the billet and vinyl parts. The stereo system consists of a Kenwood Bluetooth head unit, Kicker 500- and 1,000-watt amps, a pair of both 6x9- and 6-inch Kicker speakers, along with a Kicker 12-inch Solo-Baric subwoofer—a perfect combination to blast dubstep.


A Hyrdatech hydraulic powered booster sits behind a CPP-polished master cylinder for an ultra-sleek look. Bryan replaced all of the factory lines to the KORE3 C6 Corvette brakes front and rear. Drilled Corvette rotors hide behind a set of 18x8 Rocket Racing Wheels’ Booster Ultra-Light rollers. Bryan hasn’t fully experienced the capabilities of his braking system, but soon will when he hits the pavement at Return to the Coast!