Carpooling, raising two kids, making dinner, and running nonstop errands are typical tasks for moms across the U.S. But unlike her SUV-propelled counterparts, Kelly Jensen completes her daily-driven schedule in something really different--a gorgeous '57 Bel Air. Don't mistake this '57's superb appearance for just another cruiser. Kelly wanted the Bel Air to have plenty of power, cool looks, and functionality, so she delegated the hardtop's hot rodding tasks to her husband Chris.

Since Chris runs his own auto repair shop and has been building '57s for the last 20 years, he jumped at the opportunity. Before she could change her mind, he joyfully began by completely disassembling the '57. First, the frame received the full powdercoating treatment while the body panels were sanded to flawless condition. Because Kelly knows how to pick colors, Chris sprayed several coats of her favorite Corvette Yellow onto the Bel Air's panels.

With two kids, Kelly needed an interior that was durable and easy to clean, yet attractive. So Kelly let Chris and his buddies at Adams' Upholstery stitch up yards of gray tweed material to wrap the interior. Chris fabricated a custom console fitted with easy-to-reach power window and door lock switches between the Pontiac Fiero seats. To maintain cool inside temperatures for Kelly and the kids, Chris also added a Vintage Air unit.

A mom's day is never long enough, so Kelly needed plenty of power to keep on schedule. Chris located a 350ci crate motor, a pair of aluminum Corvette heads, and a Tuned Port Injection unit and bolted everything into the Bel Air's engine bay. Next he added a pair of block-hugger headers and a Flowmaster exhaust system for the perfect sound. Behind the dependable powerplant, he installed a TH700-R4 overdrive automatic connected to a 12-bolt rearend with 4.10 gears. For safer stopping around town, Chris added a full set of four-wheel disc brakes from a late-model Camaro. He also reduced steering effort with the addition of a 605 power steering unit.

To add the final touches to the outside, Kelly selected a set of Halibrand wheels wrapped with BFG Radial T/As and lowered the '57 a couple inches. Now Kelly has a righteous looking '57 that really hauls. The kids love it, too. When school's out, they know exactly where to find mom. Just on the other side of the crowd.