What a year it has been logging thousands of miles across this great country photographing some of the finest Bow Tie iron anywhere. And the best part is being able to talk with the builders and owners to learn the hows and whys of each vehicle and what makes them unique in pleasure and purpose. With this, the December issue of CHP, we have assembled a huge assortment of great cars and trucks that were featured in the past 11 issues.

Blasting through each issue to compile a list of these fine rides and then narrowing it down to develop our annual Top 10 List was an extremely difficult task. Every car or light truck featured was a winner in its own right, and their owners should be proud. CHP featured over 40 vehicles this year, everything from Camaros to Blazers. And from the letters we've received, we'd bet you would have had as hard a time as we did narrowing down this list to 10.

Our winner and heir to the coveted Chevy High Performance "Chevy Of The Year" is Glenn Grozich's Chicayne built by Troy Trepanier and powered by 1,100 hp designed by John Meaney. Details, details, details are what this 40-something car possesses that gave it that little extra boost to catapult it over all the others. It inspires enthusiasts to think, and sparks imagination that we hope to see in lots of future rides--we like that.

So whether you're just getting started on your first project or finishing your next boulevard Bow Tie king, take a look at our Top 10 List for 2003, and let your creative impulses shift into high gear. Maybe next year your Bow Tie beauty will find its way onto the pages of CHP.