Admit it. Chevrolets are the most popular and coolest cars out there. But what does a die-hard Chevrolet enthusiast do for his next project if mainstream Bow-Tie choices are priced like beachfront property in Southern California? Choose something just as cool, but way more affordable. That’s what Christian Morrow, a sales representative for Budnik wheels did. Since every successful street rod needs a theme, Christian’s self-made plan of attack called for a high standard of detail, innovation, and a very healthy small-block.

Starting with an original ‘66 Nova wagon, Christian made quick work of stripping the body to bare metal. The process included replacing the right quarter-panel and a variety of other sheetmetal parts. To give the wagon an even cleaner look, Christian shaved the rear door handles and side trim and painted the Nova wagon in PPG Light Autumn Wood metallic. Complimenting the PPG colors are 11 pieces of nonoriginal side and rear custom-made bronze glass.

While the bodywork was taking shape, the stock instrument cluster gave way to a fabricated instrument cluster complete with Auto Meter gauges. To motivate the Nova, Christian assembled a 400ci small-block with an Isky solid-lifter camshaft and kit. Fuel delivery is provided by a mechanical- secondary Holley 750-cfm carburetor (PN 4779) mounted to an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold. To route the exhaust and give the wagon that novel sound, Christian bolted on a set of Hooker headers directed to a pair of two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers. Transferring the small-block’s power to a 4.10-geared Mopar rearend is a specially prepared Turbo 350 automatic transmission with a 3,000-stall converter. For interior enjoyment, Christian and his wife Marlene selected light-tan tweed fabric to cover the seats and door panels and also added a Kenwood CD player.

From the beginning of this project, Christian’s game plan included doing most of the work himself, keeping a clean theme with careful attention to detail, and being innovative. Although these may not be new ideas, Christian has incorporated a novel way.