In today's high-tech world almost anything is possible. Men have walked on the moon and blasted through the sound barrier. Based on that technology, Brent Jackson's twin-turbocharged '57 two-door isn't so radical. But then again, it is.

With a serious need for speed and a desire to maintain the stock hoodline, Brent chose an uncommon direction for motivation. The heartbeat of Brent's ride comes from a '70 small-block 400 punched out to 406 ci. Internally a 4340 Cola crank, Childs and Albert 6-inch rods, Ross pistons, and ARP main studs were dropped in to bulletproof the bottom end. For the valvetrain, Brent opted for a streetworthy Engle hydraulic-roller cam with 236 degrees of duration at 0.050, Crane roller rockers and lifters, and Crane chrome-moly pushrods. In the head department, Brent bolted on a set of CNC-ported AFR 195cc heads for their ability to breathe--and breathe this engine does.

Hanging on the outside of this stout little Mouse is a pair of Rayjay 301E turbos feeding a total of 10 pounds of boost through dual Spearco intercoolers. This masterpiece in polished stainless plumbing that directs air to the custom port-injected Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake was hand-fabricated by Brent. For fuel and spark management, Brent selected an Electromotive TEC II brain. Gale Banks exhaust manifolds are used to mount the turbos and exhaust spent gases. To wrap it up, California Muffler in Chatsworth, California, installed a custom 3-inch aluminum-coated exhaust with Dynomax mufflers.

Twisting out the power is a Richmond six-speed connected to a 3.0:1 geared, narrowed, 9-inch rearend by way of a custom 3-inch Wenco driveshaft. Keeping the estimated 700 hp planted to the ground are 335/35ZR17 Michelin MXX3 Pilot tires wrapped around 17x11 Budnik Prism wheels. To slow things down Brent went for the "huge" option with 13-inch front and 12-inch rear cross-drilled Baer brakes. A Jim Meyer's coilover front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering help keep the '57 headed straight.

With the mechanical side covered, Brent turned his focus to cosmetics. On the outside Brent had his friend Jason Pecikonis from Thousand Oaks, California, shoot the flawless black base and blue-purple pearl flames. Moving inside, Brent installed a barrage of Auto Meter gauges and a Le Carra steering wheel while Dan Miller in Westlake, California, stitched the custom gray interior.

Brent has no performance numbers at this time, and does it really matter? With twin turbos, miles of stainless tubing, fat tires, a perfect paint job, and everything else that's cool, this '57 is awesome no matter how you look at it. Extreme indeed! CHP