Outlaw. The word conjures up thoughts of bad men, usually cloaked in darkness, pulling off some sort of heist. Enter Bruce Kimmen. His '69 Camaro is the thief in this case, as it sees regular flogging in Hot Rod magazine's World's Fastest Street Car Drag Race Series (WFSCDRS), Outlaw Class. It runs 7.10 at 200 mph, retains most of its original sheetmetal, has working headlights, and could be swapped back into a once-in-a-while street car. But it never will. If you're brave, ask Bruce how he feels about the Pro-mod cars that show up and expect to run Outlaw Class, and watch the sparks fly.

Prior to Bruce's resurrection of his '69 RS Z-28, the only action it saw was the speed of spiders making cobwebs and infesting its body as it sat at a local junkyard. Bruce is a veteran of the National Muscle Car Association's Pro Street wars and a former owner of an almost-as-fast '69 back-halved Camaro, so he knew what it would take to transform this rusted hulk into a racer.

For $300 he got a shell of a car. The stock subframe was sent back to the junkyard immediately, and in its place now resides a Redline Design 15/8-inch round chrome moly-tubed frame, complete with a Funny Car-style rollcage. Hung from the rear four-link is a Fabtech Ford 9-inch, which runs Mark Williams 40-spline axles and Richmond 4.56 Pro Gears. To slow the monster from its 200-mph blasts, a four-wheel Wilwood disc brake system is employed. Fitted to the rear are a pair of 16x16 bead-lock Center Line wheels with sticky DOT-approved 18.0x35.0x16 Mickey Thompson treaded tires. Up front is a strut-style suspension that incorporates spindles, shocks, control arms, and bushings from Strange Engineering, a Chassis Engineering rack-and-pinion, Eibach springs, and smaller 15x4 Center Lines fitted with M/T 26.0x4.5x15 front runners.

Under the Glasstech fiberglass front end is a power-potent 526-inch KB aluminum big-block that was assembled by Heads Up Racing in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Spinning off the Crower crankshaft is a set of Brooks rods and Venolia pistons. A top-secret Comp Cams camshaft lurks within the roaring beast, which actuates larger titanium 2.400/1.940-inch valves set into Pontiac Big Chief aluminum cylinder heads. Induction chores are handled by an Enderle fuel injection bug catcher and a 30 percent over-driven Kolbelco supercharger. This lethal engine combination is fired by an MSD crank-trigger ignition. Spent exhaust fumes are sent rearward via a pair of Jet-Hot-coated, 21/2-inch Redline Design headers hooked to a pair of very large Flowmaster race mufflers. A bulletproof Lenco three-speed helps twist the not-so-tame giant down the 1/4-mile asphalt.

The Camaro's exterior appearance is just as spectacular as its powerful foundation. C.A.R.S. Inc. contributed to the project with rear quarter-panels to replace the Swiss cheese-size holes left from the original rust bucket. 'Glass doors, bumpers, and Bob's Pro Glass Lexan windows also significantly contribute to lightening the whole package. Lighten's Customs in Fenton, Michigan, applied the Nippon Paints-supplied PPG black and flamed licks. Inner confines consist of Elite Interiors black leather upholstery with flames sewn into the door panels for that custom touch. VDO instrumentation helps monitor the vital underhood functions. A 20-pound Halon fire suppression system also rides on board at all times for safety, and steering chores are handled by a LeCarra wheel. Kicking the mighty big-block over are a pair of 16V Turbo Start batteries tucked neatly in the trunk.

Bruce's car is pure outlaw any way you look at it. Face it, the thing is black, bitchin', and bad-ass. What more can you ask for? Folks, this car is just pure evil. CHP