The toughest part of creating the CHP Top 10 every year is narrowing the field down to just 10 examples of Chevrolet art. This year was no exception. The selection process involved each staff member voting for his favorite 10 Chevys that appeared in the pages of CHP from January through December 2001.

Bob Mehlhoff, Scott Crouse, and I made up the selection panel and then crowded around the CHP arm-wrestling table while the votes were tabulated. It took a bit of wrangling, deal-making, and even some subtle horse-trading, but we finally decided on our Top 10 cars based purely on our own personal favorites. If you think that we’ve overlooked a well-deserving Bow-Tie machine, it’s a little late now, but you can send us a letter and we promise to at least read it. If you do your best Johnny Cochran imitation, we might even publish your letter. But it won’t change our story.

The deal goes like this. We’ve chosen Wayne Clark’s subtle ’54 Corvette as our Chevy of the Year not only for its obvious style, but also because of its driver status. This is one Chevy that’s no garage queen. So take a look at our Top 10. Perhaps one or two of these cars may inspire you to greater achievements—and well they should since these cars represent the best of the CHP breed for 2001.