The right stance, lots of attitude, and a ton of horsepower is all it really takes. Wrap it in flawless sheetmetal and you have Randy Palmer’s serious ’62.

At the heart of this big Chevy pounds a very capable LS6 Rat-motor. Out of the crate, an LS6 easily pumps out 450 hp, but for Randy’s ride it needed a whole bunch more. To do that, a Weiand 6-71 supercharger with Littlefield tweaks pumps air and fuel from two Holley 600s into cylinders fitted with 7.5:1 slugs. Activating all 16 valves through a pair of rectangular-port cylinder heads is a special Crower roller camshaft.

To route the spent fumes from the combustion chambers, the big-block runs a set of fabricated headers that have received the Jet-Hot coat treatment. Out back, a pair of 3-inch Flowmaster mufflers help quiet the blown Rat’s 700-plus horsepower. For gear selection, a Turbo 400 and 2,800-stall converter transmit the force to a narrowed Currie 9-inch housing. Inside the reworked rearend is a set of 4.11 gears and Moser 31-spline hardened steel axles.

Putting all the power to the ground of the ’62 is a Harrison four-link suspension and Empire shocks. Inside the tubbed rear wheelwells sets a pair of monster Mickey Thompsons. To give the front end that on-the-ground look and to drastically improve handling and braking, the Bel Air has been outfitted with a ’77 Trans Am front subframe.

Mike Bridges gets the credit for the paint and body with the color-sanding and detail work by Finishline in Monrovia, California. Inside, the Bel Air is equipped with a set of ’88 Buick power seats covered by Danny at Quality Upholstery. A set of VDO instruments helps Randy know what’s going on under the hood.

But the ultimate thrill is watching this ’62 in action. Cruising the streets of Pasadena, California, the Bel Air demonstrates how show-car quality and over-the-edge power can be combined. Randy and his wife Ellen have a blast doing just that. So if you’re ever on the streets around the Rose Bowl, keep your eyes open for an outrageous ’62 bubbletop. You’ll be blown away.