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Chevrolet Camaro

Our featured Chevy Camaro cars include favorites like a the 1967 - 1969 Camaros. If you own a Chevrolet Camaro then you’ll want to check out these hot car features.
Building a Legacy Building a Legacy
Just mention the word Camaro and four generations of high performance and cool looks comes to mind. So when... more
David Collins’ ’70-½ Camaro David Collins’ ’70-½ Camaro
The images of dazzling, mirror-like paint jobs and powerful V-8 engines can be enough to drive a man to do extraordinary... more
Daryl Kallweit’s ’68 Camaro Daryl Kallweit’s ’68 Camaro
Daryl Kallweit told us, “It runs low 11s at 120 mph, gets 16 miles per gallon, and has air conditioning.” Upon... more
David York's ’69 Camaro David York's ’69 Camaro
New cars are cool, but musclecars with late-model updates are way cooler. The owner of this ’69 Hugger Orange Camaro... more
Craig Boone’s ’69 Camaro Craig Boone’s ’69 Camaro
Several thousand feet above the ground you hold your breath and bail out of the aircraft, and within seconds you’re... more
Hotchkis Performance’s ’71 Camaro Z28 Hotchkis Performance’s ’71 Camaro Z28
Retrofitting GM’s latest and greatest motor into yesteryear’s engine bay isn’t anything new. But when that... more
Jeff Mayeda's ’69 Camaros Jeff Mayeda's ’69 Camaros
For any Chevrolet enthusiast, discovering an original ’69 Camaro with a load of performance options, all the... more
Randy Miller’s ’69 Yenko Camaro Randy Miller’s ’69 Yenko Camaro
Accelerating from 0 to 135 mph in 9.97 seconds is heart-stopping. Doing that in an original Yenko Camaro is astounding. And... more
A Change Of Heart A Change Of Heart
One of the most fascinating aspects of building a cool car is what the car used to be and the story behind it. Take Scott... more
1967 Camaro 1967 Camaro
Performance-car enthusiasts are a sentimental group, especially when it comes to their first cars. Al Noe of Cleveland, Ohio,... more
Mark Bird's ’69 Camaro Mark Bird's ’69 Camaro
Those of us involved in the addictive vocation of hot rodding all share one common goal: to drive something that’s... more
1969 Camaro 1969 Camaro
Outlaw. The word conjures up thoughts of bad men, usually cloaked in darkness, pulling off some sort of heist. Enter Bruce... more
1968 Camaro 1968 Camaro
"I've spent too much time around Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier." That's Ty Woodhall's explanation for this Camaro. Classic... more
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1969 Camaro Protour
This 69 is 100% rust free and you seen how straight it is plus has mirror finish black on it ,,... more
72 Camaro with column shift
there indeed WERE gen 2 camaros with column shifters! i saw one in the 70s.... more
67 Camaro PS upgrade
can you pull the column and install the box and coupling.. then slip the column back into... more
78 Camaro Header Fit
the motor TORQUES over from the left, so no worries about lift on the right side. as you said, a... more
78 Camaro Header Fit
I just put in a rebuilt 350 in my 78 Z28 and want to put on a set of Hedman headers but seem to be... more
68 camaro disc brake conversion
I forgot to mention when you get to the larger rotors/12" and larger it becomes nessary to use the... more
68 camaro disc brake conversion
You can get the Parts cheep at the Salvage yard 100.00 or All New From Speedway for 4++.00-to... more
68 camaro disc brake conversion
Check out chassis works , they have Will Wood products Good stuff !!... more
fuel consumption in z28 1978 camaro
hi there ; i have z28 1978 camaro with 350 engine and 4 speed manual trans , the car start to... more
67 Camaro PS upgrade
The alignment holes are definitely off so now to loosen the mounts, radiator support, bumper... more
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