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Chevrolet Cobalt

For all other types of high performance Chevy cars you can check them out here. As always, you’ll get expert reviews and professional car photos with each featured Chevy.
1992 GMC S-15 & 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS - CHP Rides 1992 GMC S-15 & 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS - CHP Rides
With an Associate's Degree in Performance Motorsports, it's obvious Jeremiah Harmon has done his homework by the looks of his... more

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car locks jammed - needs a locksmith
there have been issues on other cars where the tops and bottoms of the disc tumblers will get burrs... more
1967 Impala SS body restoration
+1 Pman, thats Gary's role model. :cool: Shop is looking pretty good, Peter. That Chevy deal is... more
Junk air compressor
not trying to say good or bad... about this unit.. buy a cheep replacement pump.. they are... more
My 79 Nova build
Hell yeah I wanna bury the Cobalt with the keys! Don't feel bad bout the low miles on your El. ... more
My 79 Nova build
Damn, what a long winter! Makes you want to bury the keys to the Cobalt now, don't it, Mike? Til... more
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