"Wait, never mind. False alarm. It's still broken," another says, depressed. Eventually, the rogue paper that seemed to magically wedge itself in the endless mechanical workings of the printer is found, but not before being removed piece by piece with the fingertips. Here we go again.

High-Octane ChessIf you're into chess, then you'll dig this. Jeremy Twiggs from Rev Rods in Murphy, North Carolina, sent us a link of his latest creation: a complete chess set created out of used engine and transmission parts. Here's a list of how everything was created. For more information on availability and pricing, check them out at www.revrods.com.

Pawns Lifters
Rooks Bolt with suspension castle nut welded on top
Knights Valvespring with a rocker arm welded on top
Bishop Intake valve
Queen Piece of high-performance slant-six racing cam with a spider gear welded up top
King Input shaft from a Muncie four-speed