You can have the potential to make all the power you want, but that isn’t going to happen if you don’t have a quality distributor. Listed below are a few options, ranging from basic drop-in replacements to those with a variety of added features for big- and small-block applications.


915.857.5200 ·

Ready to Run

PN: 8360
Price: $280

Pro-Billet HEI

PN: 8365
Price: $350


909.599.5955 ·

Flame-Thrower Mag Trigger Billet

PN: D300811
Price: $450

409 Flame-Thrower Billet

PN: D7101800
Price: $450

Performance Distributors

901.396.5782 ·

Tall-Block Chevy D.U.I. With Slip Collar

PN: 13720
Price: $379