It doesn’t matter if you’re a wrenching newbie or a seasoned veteran, we all have those moments we can relate to. We’re talking about dropping small screws to becoming a contortionist underneath the dash, all in an effort to examine something that’s completely out of our view.

The good news is we now have modern amenities that can make our lives a whole lot easier. Case in point, Harbor Freight offers a High Resolution Digital Inspection Camera that can reveal what’s in or behind hard-to-reach areas, including a view inside the cylinder heads. There you have it, problem solved!

The bright LED light is also adjustable, allowing you to control the output for various conditions. You also get a host of useful accessories, including a hook, a mirror and magnet, a USB and video-out cable, and a 120V adapter.

The camera offers a 640x480 resolution onto a 31/2 -inch color 320x240 display. You also have the option to stream video directly to your computer, record footage, and even save images onto an SD card.

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