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TCI Automotive Power Adder Torque Converters for ’12 Camaros

Perfect for stock or radical street/race machines, these torque converters feature furnace-brazed components and heat-treated splines, sprag races, and hubs for increased strength and durability. With a durable billet front and clutch assembly, they are capable of repeated hard launches off the line. After being finished with a proprietary HDT Coating for cooler operating temperatures, all Power Adder Torque Converters are triple-tested in-house to ensure premium quality and performance.

TCI Automotive

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LS Oil Fill Cap

Holley’s new Oil Fill Cap for LS engines removes the oil fill tube that comes stock on LS engines and replaces it with a cap that can be configured five ways, including a custom option. Their cap screws directly into all stock valve covers and the base is made of the same glass-filled material as the factory to ensure durability. Each cap comes with an aluminum insert that can easily be painted before assembly, and a domed Holley decal can be placed on the aluminum insert or directly onto the cap base. With paint in hand, the options are endless.


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