The removal of the front doghouse of a '67-69 Camaro has always been somewhat of a disappointment. That big, clunky OEM front subframe unearthed in a first-generation Camaro recalls a dogtracking mid-'70s Nova...too primitive and pedestrian for a serious performance car. Though the aftermarket has stepped up with improvements over the factory components, first-gen Camaros have screamed for a serious, "clean sheet of paper" front-clip update. The answer: Chris Alston's Chassisworks direct bolt-on clip.

Formed out of laser-cut, CNC-machined, precision-bent 7-gauge steel, the subframe is fixture welded for an exact fit. The replacement subframe is completely streetable and features billet side-motor frame adapters, stock-location emergency-brake cable mounts, transmission crossmember brackets, and a clutch-shaft pivot mount. Mounting stubs are installed at the rear of the subframe to accommodate Chassisworks bolt-in subframe connectors.

If you want to fit fairly large rollers, you'll be happy to know that there's sufficient room for a 17x8 front wheel with a 43/4-inch backspace, enabling you to mount a P225/45R17 wheel and tire. For our build, we decided to go with the full Chassisworks design for the Camaro and ordered the Street Machine Front Suspension Package, which includes tubular upper and lower A-arms, choice of coilovers (or Air Ride Shockwaves), and precise billet rack-and-pinion steering. Incorporating the Chassisworks suspension pieces ensures outstanding geometry and adjustability for serious handling.

The Chassisworks front clip attaches to the body using urethane or aluminum body bushings. In order to button up the installation, rubber inner-fender splash guards are attached to the factory inner-fender panels. If you're a do-it-yourself type of guy then know this: Chassisworks includes a highly detailed 104-page installation guide that answers most questions. If you're still stumped, tech support is always available. Now follow along as Route 66 Motorsports installs the foundation for a serious street-missile Camaro.